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Personal Training Services

Weight Loss Personal Training
Greenwood Village, Denver Personal Training and Fitness TrainersThere are three components to weight loss: cardiovascular exercise, strength training and nutrition.  Jennifer will guide you through workouts that include cardiovascular exercise appropriate for your physical condition, provide nutritional guidance and include strength training to help build muscle to effectively and safely burn fat.  Your program will be based on your specific goals obtained during your initial consultation, and adapted as needed.  Initial and ongoing measurements will be taken to record progress as well.

General Health Personal Training
Many people fall into the healthy category, and just need some guidance to maintain their weight.  Jennifer assists with this process by providing a variety of workouts to keep the body challenged and stabilize change. Your program will be based on your specific goals obtained during your initial consultation, and adapted as needed. Initial and ongoing measurements will be taken to record progress as well.

Chronic Conditions Personal Training
As we age and life happens, many people start to experience conditions that inhibit their lifestyle.  Included here would be lower back pain or injury, joint pain in the shoulder, hip, knee or ankle, joint replacement, cardiac event, cancer treatment and recovery and metabolic conditions such as diabetes.  These all require special attention when developing and maintaining an exercise program.  Jennifer is able to work with individuals with chronic conditions such as these and still provide a safe and effective workout program towards their goals. Each program is developed for the individual, with considerations for these conditions and the limitations they need.

Here are some components included in Jennifer's approach in assisting her clients

     Complimentary initial consultation including health assessment         

During this time, Jennifer meets with clients prior to beginning a exercise program.  At this meeting, they discuss the client’s current wellness habits, including exercise routine, diet and overall lifestyle.  A health assessment is performed to determine a starting point for a program.  Jennifer highly encourages clients to talk to their doctor before starting an exercise routine.  Goals are also addressed and outlined, including a timeline for those goals to be reached.

Nutritional Guidance

Diet and nutrition are key components in any wellness program, particularly for those looking for fat loss. During the initial consultation, Jennifer and her client discuss the current diet of the client. With her background and degree in nutrition, she is able to provide guidance and suggestions for improvement to help the client reach their goals. Nutrition and diet are discussed during the program so changes can be made as needed. 

    - Improved balance and coordination

Balance and coordination are useful, both in and out of the gym. Neuromuscular coordination is increased and expanded through agility drills appropriate for the individual and a variety of balance exercises. The core muscle group is heavily utilized.

     - Core conditioning, stability and strength.

Denver, Highlands Ranch Personal Trainers and Fitness TrainingJennifer believes that the set of “core” muscles are critical to strengthen and maintain as part of any lifestyle.  They play a large role in posture, balance and overall stability.  All of her programs include exercises to improve core strength.
Personalized exercise and fitness program designs to address unique circumstances.

No two people have the exact same wellness level and goals.  This includes unique circumstances such as injury, medical condition or specific goals (ie to strengthen the back following a herniated disc or improve endurance while hiking).  For this reason, each program is designed for a specific individual, taking into consideration their ability level, current or past injuries, lifestyle activities and those goals.

     - Balance of cardiovascular, weightlifting, and core strengthening exercises. 

All three of these components are important in leading a healthy lifestyle.  They are essential for successful weight loss.  Jennifer’s workouts include these components, integrating each into that specific program for goal achievement.  They are altered to place more emphasis on areas of focus, such as building strength or increasing cardiovascular endurance.

     Additional exercise training homework is provided to keep progress on track.

Jennifer realizes that her clients only get to see her a few times a week, but are dedicated to their goals.  She provides exercise training homework to each client so they are able to continue working towards their goals outside of the personal training sessions.  These homework assignments are designed with a client’s schedule, access to exercise equipment and lifestyle in mind.

     - Positive atmosphere and encouragement.

Participating in an exercise program is rewarding, but can also be challenging and difficult.  Jennifer encourages her clients to succeed through a positive atmosphere and attitude.  A team approach to goal achievement helps to get through the challenging spots, with Jennifer coaching her clients along the way.